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Should You Leave The States?

After recently returning from Mexico and meeting several ex-pats, it was noticeable to me an increasing trend of US citizens retiring abroad. I came across a good and short article in the October 2011 edition of Money Magazine on the topic. Enjoy.


If you're serious about slashing costs in retirement, you've got to at least ask yourself this question.  While there are plenty of downsides to moving abroad, the weather can be great-and the savings can be huge.  Daniel Prescher, special projects editor with, estimates that a couple moving from Omaha would see their cost of living decline 50% in Merida, Mexico, or 25% in Panama City. (He says those cities are safe and have good health care and lots of expats-all big pluses.) 

Contemplating a move?  Start here:

Gives you free information on crime, health care, and the like for 80 countries.

Calculates how far your money will go in more than 300 places.