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Should You Make Extra Mortgage Principal Payments?

I was recently interviewed for an article done by Betty-Lin Fisher, Business Writer with the Akron Beacon Journal, about whether bi-weekly payment plans and mortgage prepayments in general are a good thing. She wrote: Claytor and Kevin Kroskey, a certified financial planner and owner of True Wealth Design in Fairlawn, both agreed with McBride that paying off other high debt and funding other accounts should come before prepaying a mortgage. Another option is to do a little more each month. Claytor and Kroskey said they both round up their mortgage payments to add a little extra to their principal. ''By and large, paying down the house is a good idea,'' said Kroskey. But there is a caveat, he said, where he sees people making mistakes. Often, as people are getting closer to retirement and if they haven't done a really good job of saving, they might think, ''I have to pay off this mortgage before I get into retirement. It's what Americans are supp