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The Euro's Troubles

The excerpt below is from a keynote address gave in 2000 by "Uncle Milt" (or Milton Friedman as he's more commonly known). With all that is going on in Europe currently, it's not likely the question of whether the Euro is long-term sustainable will go away. --- "The euro is one of the few really new things we’ve had in the world in recent years. Never in history, to my knowledge, has there been a similar case in which you have a single central bank controlling politically independent countries. The gold standard was one in which individual countries adhered to a particular commodity—gold—and they were always free to break or to leave it, or to change the rate. Under the euro, that possibility is not there. For a country to break, it really has to break. It has to introduce a brand new currency of its own. I think the euro is in its honeymoon phase. I hope it succeeds, but I have very low expectations for it. I think that differences are going to accumula