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Hire an Advisor or Go it Alone?

Walter Updegrave, in addition to being an award-winning journalist, speaker, author and senior editor of MONEY is a professional who truly understands the world of retail investing and communicates his thoughts in a manner meaningful to his readers. As an example, below is an excerpt from a recent   CNN Money release   based on a readers question “Should I hire a financial adviser to manage my retirement portfolio, and can I afford to?” “The answer depends largely on how comfortable you are going it alone -- and how good a job you think you could do overseeing your finances without help from a pro. Let's start with one key aspect of retirement planning: investing. As long as you're familiar with the concept of asset allocation and you're comfortable picking funds, you shouldn't have trouble building a diversified portfolio on your own. And you can get plenty of assistance short of hiring an adviser: These days most 401(k) plans provide tools to help you assess your in