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Why Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling And What This Teaches Us About Risk Management

The article below is a timely one from Dimensional Fund Advisor's (DFA) Jim Parker, VP of DFA Australia. Though Ireland is a country there are many lessons to be learned from Ireland's missteps by the individual investor. ---- Reaching understanding on the right way to invest often starts with studying bad investment decisions. But the lessons are far less painful when they are built on others’ experiences. Recent events in Europe provide case studies on what can go wrong when a wealth-building strategy is built on too much debt , too little diversification and too little awareness of risk. Ireland in recent years, for whatever reason, became heavily dependent on a couple of industries – namely construction and banking. The IMF1 in a report this year described the causes of these imbalances as “rapid credit growth, inflated property prices and high wage and price levels”. Now, an economy is clearly much more complex than any individual and the ability of governments