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Ohio College Savings (529) Plan to add Dimensional Funds

On March 3rd, the Ohio 529 Board announced changes to the college savings program fund lineup. The Board announced, "Based on extensive research, Dimensional was recommended because it offers relatively low-cost options and has many products that are ranked highly by OTTA’s investment consultant, Wilshire Associates, Inc." This is great news for Ohio 529 plan participants. Dimensional Funds have a strong, empirical underpinning and have long been a core component of the True Wealth Design investment portfolios. For participants that well-utilize their funds, this should help provide more dollars on a tax-free basis for qualified higher education expenses. To Your Prosperity, Kevin Kroskey, CFP® MBA   Click here for the full news release  from the Ohio 529 Board.   Click here for  cover story from Baron's “A Different Dimension” for more information on Dimensional Funds and what makes them different. Selected highlights are below: DIMENSIO