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More Mutual Funds 'Time' Market

Through my experience as a Certified Financial Planner(r) in counseling clients and in staying abreast of changes of the financial product companies, it has become quite evident time and again that it is a lot easier to sell consumers what they think they want rather than to educate them on what they need. From insurance carriers and financial sales people selling 'guaranteed products' at exorbitant costs to mutual fund companies seeding multiple new funds and then promoting the ones that do well while silently closing the unsuccessful funds before they receive their Morningstar ratings, consumers are preyed upon and have to side step a mine field of damaging advice and products if they're to be successful and reach their life's goals. The Wall Street machine certainly isn't slowing down. Rather than educating consumers on market history, so they can learn why the negative returns from The Great Recession-- while not pleasant nor frequent--are in fact a part of