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Common Traits of Millionaires

While being a 'millionaire' isn't what it once was in today's world, it's a nice round number people still fixate on. The Millionaire Next Door was originally published in 1998 and was a robust study of common traits -- many of them surprising -- of millionaires. Many of its findings are still relevant today. Below are a few of my favorites. Good Grades = Success, Right? What most people don’t know is that GPA is a very poor predictor of success. The Author's wrote, "I find no substantial statistical correlation between the economic-productivity factors (net worth and income) and SATs, class rank in college, and grade performance in college." And further, "Overall, there is an inverse relationship between taking financial risk and various measures of analytical intelligence such as SAT scores." When asked what their teachers did compliment them on, what was the most common response? "Most dependable." When ask