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Parents Play Favorites When Helping Adult Kids Out

I saw an interesting article in the US Today about how and how much parents help their young adult children. There's some interesting financial planning implications found in the article. Perhaps what was most interesting is that children of parents who pay for all college expenses engage in the most 'risk behaviors.' Doesn't hurt and may actually help to have some skin in the game. Full article is below. Best Regards, Kevin Kroskey ---------------- Parents Play Favorites When Helping Adult Kids Out SAN FRANCISCO – More than 60% of today's young adults have received financial help from their parents — and those described as having more agreeable personalities as children get more money than others, finds a study to be presented today at a meeting of the Population Association of America.Among the 62% of young adults getting parents' help, the average amount was $12,185, says lead author Patrick Wightman of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Abou

Boomers Can Get Help With Their Job Hunt

Good, short, and relevant article for many from the October 2011 edition of Money Magazine on the topic. Enjoy. --- More than half of Americans say they plan to work in retirement, according to a survey by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies.  Start your search with these organizations. WWW.ENCORE.ORG Run by think tank Civic Ventures, this website connects people 50 and older to post-retirement jobs with social purpose, mainly in education, government, and the nonprofit world.  You can also search the site for career resources in your area. WWW.RETIREDBRAINS.COM This site for older workers and retirees connects job seekers with recruiters and employers looking for seasoned staff. WWW.GRAYHAIRMANAGEMENT.COM This organization specializes in helping executives and senior managers find part-time and contract work. WWW.RESERVEINC.ORG Currently operating in the New York City area, Miami, and Baltimore, ReServe matches professionals 55 and older with jobs at nonprofi