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New Year's Investment Resolutions

It's that time of year when many of us are thinking about the New Year's resolutions we set for ourselves. This often means committing to improving one's lifestyle by losing weight or exercising more. Some investors could probably benefit from resolutions targeting their financial health as well. Just as many individuals endanger their well-being with bad habits, numerous investors suffer from ill-advised practices that are detrimental to their wealth. Perhaps a set of New Year's investment resolutions will lead to a more prosperous future. Everybody wants to be healthier, and many people want to be wealthier, but it's just not that easy. Most of us are creatures of habit and discover that making permanent changes in our behavior is surprisingly difficult. We need every possible mental crutch at our disposal to help us adhere to a new regimen; hence we establish mental road signs, such as New Year's resolutions, as behavioral aids. So, for those who find mak