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Should You Leave The States?

After recently returning from Mexico and meeting several ex-pats, it was noticeable to me an increasing trend of US citizens retiring abroad. I came across a good and short article in the October 2011 edition of Money Magazine on the topic. Enjoy. --- If you're serious about slashing costs in retirement, you've got to at least ask yourself this question.  While there are plenty of downsides to moving abroad, the weather can be great-and the savings can be huge.  Daniel Prescher, special projects editor with, estimates that a couple moving from Omaha would see their cost of living decline 50% in Merida, Mexico, or 25% in Panama City. (He says those cities are safe and have good health care and lots of expats-all big pluses.)  Contemplating a move?  Start here: WWW.INTERNATIONALLIVING.COM Gives you free information on crime, health care, and the like for 80 countries. WWW.XPATULATOR.COM Calculates how far your money will go in more than 300 pla